I’m watching Order of the Phoenix.

Oh Luna, why are you such a wonderful character?

New theme and what not.

“She’s lovely - she’s really nice, and she’s such a big fan, I mean, it’s incredible to see her face when she first came to the studio and seen the sets and… like meeting us. And we’re like “You’re our co-star now Evanna, it’s okay, you can do whatever you want!” but she was so starstruck by the whole thing, and her eyes just lit up and it hit me right here [pointing at his heart], I just thought “wow.” And for her to be given that role… it meant so much to her. And I thought it was great, and she is a fine actress and a really lovely gentle person.” - Matt Lewis

“Matt and I are, somewhat, like partners in crime. Whenever we finish our scenes first, while the others are doing theirs, we kind of hide in opposite corners of the set and roll bagels to each other. And then no one realizes it because they’re so busy acting. Matt and I run away before anyone can catch us and then when they play the scene back they see a couple of bagels happily rolling across the set.” - Evanna Lynch