Before The Avengers, for the second time. :3

This is the “Alaskan” newspaper I did for little brothers project, it’s all crumbled because it was violently shoved into a backpack but I’m proud of it o_o probably best thing I’ve done at midnight.

And it only got a B, those bitches.

don’t mind my messy bed, I was packing and I got a little crazy.

My mom gave me the Butterfly in the middle today, it’s the friends forever charm.

I thought that was cute. :3 I still need to add the Disney one my boyfriend bought for me.

Hi I know what you’re thinking..and no I don’t own a brush, clearly.

I’m just going to go lay down and read my book/text my loser boyrfriend and then attempt sleep, ok bye.

ohai Bestfriend. :3