Hi I know what you’re thinking..and no I don’t own a brush, clearly.

I’m just going to go lay down and read my book/text my loser boyrfriend and then attempt sleep, ok bye.

Besides Stephanie, who lives on the other side of the country, there is only one other friend that I wouldn’t ever want to lose and who I consider a best friend.

Hi Sarah, love you~*

God I wish I never had school on Fridays.

Just to get some things off my chest:

That is all.

Ultra weekend, wadup~*

Except just kidding I’m not going, while everyone is getting drunk and rolling and what not tonight, we shall be at the fair riding rides that are way too extreme for me and throwing up afterwards.

But first, I need a nap because I’m about to drop dead. Thanks Victor.

My boyfriend is sitting next to me playing cute old songs for me :’)

"All that I want to do is hold you forever, and ever and ever."

I miss you too, but I really don’t want to admit that to you.

Being sick sucks so much, fuck my shitty immune system.

I’m just sitting on Sarah’s computer waiting for her to finish showering, I should probably be getting ready but like the true procrastinator I am I shall instead sit here and roam tumblr.

I’ve decided to take more of an interest in my twitter, soo
@epicashleyis, follow me, I follow back :* 

I have early release tomorrow, I can’t wait :*

I had a great time at the CAC Medical Center today, it was great singing for all the elderly people. They were so nice and they looked like they had fun. I loved how all of them would talk about their grandchildren. 

I’m also still slackin’ with my computer time, if I’m not on xbox I’m sleeping and if I’m not sleeping I’m doing homework. I’m thinking about just filling up my queve.

Oh, and 7 days until candlelight!

14 days until my birthday,
14 days until I get my money and waste it on clothes.